Meltmongers, Edinburgh

Sunday, 25 June 2017
I've always been a big fan of the humble toastie. But when a grilled cheese sandwich store opened up in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh, I have to admit that I didn't quite see the appeal. Toasties are something I've always made for myself at home so I didn't quite get the appeal of going out for one. 

Well, ladies and gentleman, this blog post is about how I was WRONG. 

One very (rainy) day my friends and I decided to go to Meltmongers for lunch after our lab. After walking there (quite a distance from the science campus I'll have you know), we were so happy to escape into somewhere dry! I ordered a cheese and bacon toastie and some fries. The toastie was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, I found the bacon to be a bit too fatty for my liking so I'd probably order a plain cheese one if I were to go again. So rich!

The fries were also absolutely delicious. Really fresh and hot and salty. I have to admit that I'm a total sodium fiend so these are like perfect for me! This was quite a lot of food for lunch but I made a really decent effort. And this with a drink came to under a tenner so pretty good value for money as well. Especially for the occasional midweek treat. 

I couldn't write this blog post without sharing a photo of my friend Emma's toastie. She'd already had lunch so ordered one of their dessert toasties. Full of marshmallow fluff, chocolate spread and banana. It looked like the ultimate indulgence. I'd go back just to try one of those!

Meltmongers can be found at 80 Bruntsfield Place. 

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