Topolabamba, Edinburgh

Sunday, 18 June 2017
I am always on the hunt for two things. 
1. New places to go for food in Edinburgh. 
2. Fish tacos. 
So when I was searching for somewhere to have lunch with my friend Kathryn, Topolabamba ticked all the boxes. Situated on Lothian Road, it brings fun, tapas/street-style Mexican food along with more substantial dishes and fresh margaritas. We visited at lunch time and discovered that they have an express lunch menu of three options from a selection for £9.95. That's a great bargain so we decided to order from that. 

The lunchtime deal included fish tacos so I had to order them! They did come with a three chilli warning and I'm glad these did as they were spicy. The tacos were fresh and delicious but the chilli in the coleslaw made them very fiery. In the end, I had to scrap the coleslaw off as I couldn't handle the heat. I still really enjoyed them, however! The fish was lovely and fresh, with really crispy batter. 

My next choice was the barbacoa beef quesadillas. They were really rich and meaty with melted cheese too. Again, I found these to be a little too spicy for my liking - which is weird as I normally love my spice - maybe an off day. Next time I'll pay more attention to their spice rating and play it safe with something not as hot! My friend Kathryn also had the fish tacos but opted for the chicken tinga quesadillas which are a little less spicy! She really enjoyed them.

The final option on the lunch menu was salt & chilli fries or rice. Both of us opted for the salt & chilli fries which were really tasty. A nice amount of seasoning, still with the skins and fresh and crispy out the fryer. Unfortunately, as we visited for lunch and I had plans for later in the day we didn't get the chance to try out the margaritas, but at only about £5 a pop I'll definitely get one the next time I visit!

Topolabamba is located at 93 Lothian Road and you can view their menu here. There are also restaurants in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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