My Favourite European Countries

Sunday, 16 July 2017
I've now travelled to 13 countries, and I'm certainly not feeling unlucky. When people ask me about my travels, the ideas of 'favourites' always comes up. I don't dislike any of the countries I've visited per se but there are some that really stand out to me. My goals at the moment are to try and visit as many countries as possible so I think that it says a lot if I plan to go back to a country any time soon - at the cost of not ticking another one off of my list. These are my top 3...

I actually only spent about 24 hours in Sweden, but it just made such an impression on me! Sweden just had such a relaxed vibe to it. We spent so much time just walking around soaking up the atmosphere. The Swedish people especially were so stylish. Sweden has lovely sunny weather in the summer and great snow in the winter so no matter what you're looking for weather wise it can provide. A lot of people say that Scandinavia is expensive and that's definitely the case unfortunately. We found Malmö to be much cheaper than Copenhagen but I've heard that Stockholm can be very expensive. But don't let that put you off visiting this beautiful country!
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If there's one thing that the Germans have down - it's efficiency. A trip to Germany is great because it's so stress free - the public transport is so cheap and frequent that you can get anywhere you need to go with little concern. I really enjoyed the time that I spent in Berlin soaking up German culture and viewing all the sights. But I'm itching to check out more of Germany, particularly the South, with a trip to Freiburg or Munich on the cards. I speak fairly good German and so I also just love Germany as it means I have the chance to give my German a spin. 
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Latvia isn't really on the top of a lot of people's bucket list. And it wasn't on mine for a long time but when Becky and I were planning a trip together we totally fell in love with the idea of walking the colourful streets of Riga. We went in with low expectations and were totally blown away. The architecture was beautiful, there was a lot to do, it was so cheap and the weather was great. Not only that, Riga had the best food out of any city I've visited, even Rome! Being Eastern European, the hotels were so cheap. £30 a night for a central hotel with a pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna? Take me back!
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Where to next?
I won't be visiting any new European countries until summer 2018. However, I want to make the most of my last summer holiday by doing a lot of travelling. Becky and I have talked about visiting Tallinn and Helsinki and a trip to Dubrovnik might be on the cards for my friend's birthday. A day trip to Dublin may also be on the cards, we'll see!

What are your favourite European countries?

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  1. I visited 19 European countries, and my top 3 is probably Norway, Austria and Switzerland. I just love nature and outdoor activities and these countries are perfect for hiking, cycling, kayaking...Not so much into cities, but would love to visit Stockholm sometime. :)

  2. I've just spent some time in Munich and I loved it. I loved how many people biked everywhere. Everything is super nice and efficient in Germany. I have not been to the other two but I hope to get to both at some point.

  3. Sweden is THE BEST! You should visit Finland if you liked it, similar landscape but so different culturally :)


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