The First NYC Day Trip

Sunday, 23 July 2017
The beauty of living in Connecticut is that New York City is under an hour away on the train. It makes for the perfect (but exhausting) day trip. On my second weekend in the US, I went into the city with some of the other interns to check out some of the sites. Our train arrives at Grand Central Terminal so we stopped to admire how beautiful a building it is. I actually watched a documentary about Grand Central once (I think it was on the BBC) and it has a fascinating history. I stopped in briefly when I was in New York last May - but as I didn't know too much about it I didn't fully appreciate it. 

From there we hopped onto subway over to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. We were visiting Smorgasburg, a street food festival that runs every Sunday in the park (and on Saturdays too in Williamsburg). It's very hipster and there are so many options to choose from! I visited a taco stall and had some fish and shrimp tacos. Fish tacos are my absolute favourite and the Mexican food in the US is just phenomenal compared to what you can get in the UK (don't worry Wahaca - I still love you). Washed down with an ice-cold lemonade which was seriously welcomed in the very intense heat. 

I was pretty full by this point and really shouldn't have had dessert. But who am I to refuse an ice cream sandwich. At $7 a pop, these babies weren't cheap but they were seriously good. I chose one with a coconut macaron as the sandwich, with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce as the filling. I was so delicious and tasted like summer in a bite but unfortunately, I was unable to finish it! Prospect Park is pretty deep in Brooklyn, so we got the subway back out to the Bridge so that we could walk over into Manhattan.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is a must do when visiting NYC. The view is spectacular and it's such a classic tourist attraction. Plus is the sweltering heat getting out on the water and getting a nice breeze was absolutely wonderful. I'm already planning to go back at sunset sometime as I bet that's spectacular!

It was absolutely roasting by the time we got off the bridge so we grabbed some iced tea so that we could cool down and enjoy two things that have become my new favourites since moving to the US: aircon and shade. We then got the subway up to Central Park. Starting at Colombus Circle and walking towards Bethesda Terrace. AKA where Chuck and Blair got married in Gossip Girl. Central Park is genuinely one of my favourite places in New York, there's so much to see and do here that every time I visit I notice something different.

After this, we made our way back to Grand Central via Times Square. I don't really have any photos of this as I didn't want to take my phone/camera out of my bag as it was really busy and I was a little worried about getting pickpocketed. I was totally shattered the next day at work but it was totally worth it for all of the amazing things we got to see. I'm looking forward to the next adventures in NYC!

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  1. I love New York City! I feel like you can do so many awesome day trips there. The food you ate looks extra delicious. Now I need to take a trip to New York!


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