The High Line, New York City

Sunday, 30 July 2017
I always love meeting new blogger friends so when I heard that Ellis was coming to visit NYC we arranged to meet up. The irony is that in Scotland we lived about an hour apart but had never met each other but met for the first time in New York City, 3200 miles from home. One thing that I really wanted to do during my first trip to the city last year was to walk the High Line but I never got around to it! Luckily Ellis was also interested in doing this so we met at the closest subway station to the most northernly entrance and walked the whole way down together.

The High Line is an old, unused overground railway line that has been converted into a beautiful public park. The 1.45-mile long park stretches across the top of the city which allows you to walk around and see the beauty of New York without the same overwhelming feeling of the busy streets. We arrived around 10 am which was really nice as we managed to avoid the peak of the summer heat.

The High Line offers tremendous views of the city and Ellis and I just wandered around talking about the city and of course - blogging. We took loads of photos, everything is just so picturesque. There are also lots of lovely seating areas around the park which I wasn't expecting. I think if I were to go again I'd take some lunch with me so that I could sit and enjoy the atmosphere, read my book and eat.

One of the great things about the High Line is that the southern exit is very close to the Chelsea Market which is a huge indoor street food market with lots of amazing vendors. I was feeling quite peckish by the time that we had finished so we popped in so that I could grab a bite to eat.

After wandering around with a rumbling stomach and eyes bigger than my belly, I settled on getting a crepe. It was filled with strawberries and Nutella. It was warm, gooey and the perfect piece of self-indulgence. I also bought a frozen lemonade from a middle eastern food stall that was delicious. It had some sort of herb blended through it - either cilantro or basil I couldn't quite tell - which made it so much more refreshing. We were able to bag a window seat with great lighting and take advanced of some free wifi too.

The heat in NYC during the summer is honestly a little unbearable so by visiting an indoor market we were able to stay indoors for a bit around midday which really helped. After that, we left and walked around the West Village area but I'll save that for another blog post!

What's your favourite thing to do in NYC! I'm here for a year so I need lots of recommendations!

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