Brunch at Comedor, Massachusetts

Wednesday, 23 August 2017
On my recent trip to Boston to visit my dear friend Leda, we had a lazy Sunday morning. After sleeping in and taking a long shower, we headed along to Comedor for brunch. Leda had made us a reservation as she had visited for dinner one night and loved it. This small Chilean-American restaurant is set in a quiet suburban area and is a true gem to the area. We headed along at 11 am and were able to get a great seat outside but still in the shade, it was a beautiful sunny day. I ordered an Arnold Palmer - half iced tea half lemonade and Leda had a honeyed rosemary limeade. Perfect refreshing drinks for perusing the menu. 

The menu was full of lots of classic brunch dishes with fun twists, from smores french toast topped with toasted meringue to scrambled egg tacos. There were a few dishes that caught my eye but I eventually settled on the summer peach grilled cheese sandwich with jalapeno hazelnut aioli. I was intrigued by the combination of ingredients which also included dulce de leche. As this was off of the 'small plates' section I also ordered a side of fries. Which was a good job as despite being delicious it was certainly a small plate. The combination of the salty cheddar with the sweet, caramelised peaches was an absolute dreamy and deliciously moreish. I'm not the biggest fan of jalapenos but the aioli was beautifully tart in a way that contrasted with the rest of the meal perfectly. 

Fries with brunch is becoming a bit of a guilty habit but hey, when in the US who am I to not over indulge? The fries at Comedor were beautifully crispy and seasoned to give them that added kick. As my main dish was pretty sweet there were nice to balance it out. Leda told me that she tried the fries on her first visit and that in the evening they come with toppings which sound amazing. 

Leda ordered huevos rancheros, a Mexican dish consisting of cooked eggs, salsa and normally served on tortilla wraps. However, Comedor serves their huevos rancheros with English breakfast muffins. Or as we Brits call them - muffins. Leda really enjoyed them and I have to admit that I was a little jealous, they looked delicious. 

We felt so content after our meals.  And it certainly helped that it was a beautiful day. We took a walk around Newton's lake which was really beautiful and a nice way to work off the meal. I absolutely loved Comedor and next time I'm in Boston I'll certainly be returning to try out their main menu. 

Comedor can be found at 105 Union Street, Newton and you can read their full menu here

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  1. Ok can we go back?? Also your photos are amaze!

  2. Brunch in the sunshine sounds amazing! At home you'd be surrounded by seagulls and rained on before you could take your first bite. I'd never thought of peaches with cheddar before, but I can see why Comedor matched them up


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