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Sunday, 20 August 2017
Despite moving so close to NYC, Boston was the city I was really excited about returning to. Last weekend I got an Amtrak train up to visit Leda and enjoy more of Boston's relaxed vibe. I arrived pretty late on Friday night after a delayed train so we didn't get up to much - take away pizza and gins on the porch. On Saturday morning we slept a little late, devoured Leda's mom's amazing pancakes and headed into the city around midday to explore.

Our first port of call was the Boston Public Library, I've been before but it is my favorite building in the city so I just had to go back. The marble decor is absolutely exquisite and guided tours are available as well if you want to learn a little more about the building. The library also has a beautiful, bright courtyard we sat for a little to soak up the sun and the atmosphere. You can actually get married in the Public Library which I'm sure is extortionate but would be an absolute dream. Something tells me I'll return here one day to watch Leda get married.

The next spot we planned to visit was the Brattle Bookstore but we walked through the Boston Public Gardens on the way there, an extremely beautiful place that I visited on my first trip too. In the summer there are so many beautiful, bright flowers to see and so many dog walkers too. I took so many photos of cute dogs that I'm actually tempted to write a post called 'The Dogs of Boston' where I just share them all. Let me know if you'd like to see that!

The Brattle Bookstore is an amazing, little hole in the wall sort of place. Literally! Whilst there is the main store, a large portion of the books are hosted outside! As this is a used bookstore the prices are super cheap and there's such a wide selection. If you're a collector I'd imagine this would be a real gem as there were a tonne of really old looking books too. Whilst nothing caught my eye, we enjoyed perusing the shelves and found some books that really made us giggle. I did look for a book about Scotland but unfortunately came up short.

By this time we were feeling a tad peckish so it was time to head out for lunch. We visited the Boston Public Market - which offers the best of Boston food without the price tag. It's obligatory to eat seafood when in Boston and thankfully Red's Best was on hand to sort out that craving! I ordered two fish tacos whilst Leda had a lobster roll - the New England classic. The fish tacos were fresh, crispy and due to the spicy slaw - they also packed a bit of heat. I loved them! I also tried a teensy bit of Leda's lobster roll which was rich and buttery. Now that I know I like lobster, I'll definitely be trying my own when I get a chance.

In search of dessert, we headed to the North End - Boston's Little Italy - where we queued up at the Modern Bakery for cannoli. Cannoli are fried pastry filled with ricotta and chocolate chips. And they are divine! I tried my first one in Boston last year and I was so happy to get another. The line may be long but it's definitely worth the wait! They even come wrapped up in a cute little box.

After stuffing our faces we headed to Boston's Waterfront. There are some really expensive tour boats but we took the Charlestown Commuter Ferry for $7 return. The short 10-minute ferry ride each way gave a fantastic view and satisfied that craving for being out on the water. There's a lot to see over in Charlestown but we were getting tired by this point so just stayed for half an hour as we wanted to get home.

After posing with the Boston sign we headed home to have dinner with Leda's family, bake our own chocolate macarons and get drunk whilst watching Say Yes To The Dress. The macarons were not a complete success but not a failure either!

The next morning we had a bit of a lazy morning, heading to brunch at a fantastic restaurant called Comedor. I have a full review coming for my next post so I don't want to spoil it but I have a peach grilled cheese sandwich and it was fantastic. Afterwards, we walked around Newton's lake on the way back to Leda's house which was so beautiful and peaceful. Whilst we have a lot of lakes in Scotland - or as we say, lochs - they generally aren't warm enough to swim in so I felt a little jealous of all the people splashing around!

One of the places I really wanted to visit the last time I visited and never got around to going was the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. Isabella was a rich socialite who loved art. She filled her extravagant home with art from all over the world and hosted lavish parties. Almost like the real life Gatsby. This museum was so interesting and I don't normally enjoy art museums. And it was only $5 with our student cards. It had a very relaxed attitude and was the perfect way to spend a lazy but cultured Sunday. I'd seriously recommend it!

After the museum, it was time for a trip to Wholefoods, Sunday dinner and then a very cramped train home to Connecticut.

Next time Boston, you'll always have a piece of my heart.

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