How to Spend a Day in New Haven

Sunday, 13 August 2017
Like any Gilmore Girls fan - I loved the scenes where Rory attended Yale. A historic and beautiful university. Moving to Connecticut gave me the opportunity to visit the university myself. Yale is located in New Haven, a beautiful city that luckily for me has hourly trains from Stamford. And who did I explore with? My good ol' buddy Leda. Just call us the New England Dream Team. Went with no real plans and just spent the day wandering around the city, eating good food and catching up. 

Leda has visited New Haven before and raved about the ice cream at the Arethusa Farm Dairy so that was our first port of call in the city. I opted for a single scoop of the best mint choc chip ice cream I have ever had. I'm glad we only ordered single scoops as the portion sizes were huge. We wandered from the ice cream store to a nearby park where we sat by a fountain and finished eating. There was some sort of music festival being set up in the park so we sat by and watched that for a while too.  

As I said we didn't really have exact plans but we just wandered around the city, taking in the beautiful architecture. Yale's campus is absolutely stunning. I've been considering trying to come back to the states for my PhD. so I'm keen to try and see campuses whilst I can. I could totally picture myself living here one day so that's really reassuring. It's been a while since I last watched an episode of Gilmore Girls so I can't remember the exact places they used to film but it did feel somewhat familiar. We even saw some wedding photos being taken which was lovely!

When I got my first American paycheck I treated myself to a 45mm lens for my Olympus Pen and I'm so impressed with the quality of the picture. It was a little odd getting used to how zoomed in the lens is but I think the pay off is more than worth it. The depth of field is amazing, especially for food photos. 

After wandering for a few hours in the heat it was time for refreshments so we stopped at a cafe called Maison Mathis for a cold drink. Leda ordered an iced coffee and I opted for the bitterest lemonade I've ever tried. It was so tart but the perfect thing to refresh me in the summer heat. The cafe was absolutely beautiful and had stunning decor, I'd love to go back for lunch the next time I visit New Haven. We sat for an hour or so and chatted. One of my favourite things about Leda is that whenever we hang out, the conversation is always flowing. 

When it came to dinner we had planned to try out Frank Pepe's - a famous pizzeria. However, we waited in line for over half an hour and we quickly realised that we were not able to wait in the queue and make our train home so we ended up making a rushed trip to Shake Shack instead. Not that I'm complaining - so far it's my favourite US burger chain by a mile. 

We had a fantastic day exploring a beautiful, historic campus and eating such great good. 

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