July Reading Wrap Up

Wednesday, 2 August 2017
July has been a fantastic month for me in terms of reading. Since I moved to the USA I've joined my local library and it is fantastic. I don't want to buy books here because I'd have to donate them all before I left and it seems like a waste of money. But the selection of books is amazing. And as I have no academic work to do outside of work I have so much more time for reading so I've read so many books this month. I've also read a lot of graphic novels, the library has loads, which are super quick reads. Not having to pay for the books I read is great and it encouraging me to take more risks with my reading as if I don't like something, it's not as big of a deal.

This is a graphic novel about a girl called Anya who is struggling at school with her self-confidence, her culture and popularity. She ends up meeting a ghost who appears to be helping her improve her life but is everything what it seems? I loved this one so much! It wasn't a very long read but I felt it was the perfect length and it was really impressive how much Anya developed as a character across the story. 5/5 stars. 

This book deals with the idea of antibiotic resistant TB and follows two teenagers who live at a medical treatment centre for those who have it. I enjoyed this book but felt like it was a little cringy at times and played victim to a lot of stereotypical YA cliches. The main female character felt very manic pixie dream girl and that was a little irritating at times. I gave this book 3/5 stars because I enjoyed it but it didn't blow me away. 

I hadn't even realised that Markus Zusak has more books so I was surprised to see this on the shelf at the library. It follows two teenage brothers who get involved in a fight club to try and earn money as their family has fallen on hard times. I definitely didn't enjoy this as much as his other books, but it was his first and you can see the writing talent shining through. I'm glad I read it because he's one of my favourite authors but definitely not a new favourite. 2/5 stars. 

THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I'VE READ ALL YEAR. This book is about a mysterious bookstore and it's just fantastic. Such beautiful, rich writing. You'd be crazy if you pass up the opportunity to read this book as it's so good. I think it's the sort of thing you should go into not knowing a lot about so I won't say much more apart from: just read this book. 5/5 stars.

I really wanted to love this but I found it a little lacklustre. The artwork was great but I didn't really think that there was much of a plot. It just didn't really seem like a lot happened so I was left just kinda thinking 'huh is that it?'. I gave it 2/5 stars which I feel a bit guilty about it but it wasn't anything special.

This is a graphic novel about a boy growing up in America and how he struggles with the culture difference between his American school and his Chinese parents. I found it really interesting and I think that graphic novels are really good at portraying stories like this. It was a fun, unique and quick read and I'd really recommend it if you can get your hands on it! 5/5 stars.

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel 
Another graphic novel! This one is probably the darkest that I read. It's about the author's relationship with her father. Shortly after Alison came out, her father killed himself. Her father was also gay but was still married to her mother and appeared to be very troubled. The book explores her relationship with her father and her upbringing. It was a beautifully written graphic novel with fantastic illustration but was also very sad. 4/5 stars. 

Girl Online, On Tour by Zoe Sugg
Many years ago I wrote a review of Zoella's first book Girl Online and also a post about the ghost writing controversy. I enjoyed it but not enough to want to buy the sequel with my own money. But when I saw it in the library I thought I'd be as well reading it. The central character Penny goes on a European tour with her musician boyfriend but struggles with her anxiety, missing home and his unfriendly tour mates along the way. It was a nice easy read but much like the first book wasn't particularly well written and was a bit predictable at times. 2/5 stars.

If anyone has any recommendations please leave me a comment and I'll try and pick it up at the library.

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