Serrano & Manchego, Edinburgh

Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and this is the perfect example. I ate at Serrano & Manchego in May and have only just gotten around to writing my review! I love tapas and luckily there are lots of great tapas restaurants in Edinburgh. Some of my best friends live on Leith Walk and thus this restaurant was the perfect place to meet them for dinner. We met up in the midst of exams and therefore this was a welcomed opportunity to let our hair down and catch up over some yummy food and a pitcher of sangria.

We ordered a large selection of tapas (although several repeat orders of patatas bravas are always required as who doesn't need that in their lives) but started off with a pitcher of red wine sangria. It was delicious and fruity - a classic summer drink. We shared a pitcher between four and managed to get a glass and a bit each, it was great value for money. It went perfectly with their serrano ham and manchego cheese croquettes! 

The patatas bravas were absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly. The potatoes were crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and served with beautiful, flavourful sauces. I have to admit when I saw how with the aioli was I thought it wouldn't be very strong but it has a real garlicky kick to it and was absolutely delicious. 

Their calamari was one of the best I've ever had. Squid is my absolute favourite but it's easy to get it wrong. However, Serrano & Manchego do it very well. Perfectly light, crispy and with more of that amazing aioli, I was in heaven! Luckily I was dining with a group that wasn't keen on seafood so I didn't need to share! 

Another great seafood dish that I didn't have to share - prawns fried in garlic and chilli. I was worried this would be too spicy for me but the heat wasn't too strong and was really enjoyable. And there were big chunks of garlic too which is my absolute favourite. Definitely not a meal for vampires...

My friend Sarah ordered this grilled goats cheese with raisins and sweet drizzle. I didn't try any but it looked absolutely delicious! I want to get more adventurous with my eating and goats cheese is something I want to eat more of, I've heard it's much better for those who are lactose intolerant/sensitive.

I do remember us ordering their churros which were delicious but I don't seem to have any photos. We were probably too impatient to wait to take a photo which sounds about right. We had a fantastic meal at Serrano and Manchego and I'm going to go ahead and say that it's my favourite tapas restaurant in Edinburgh!

Serrano & Manchego can be found at 297 Leith Walk and you can read their menu online

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