2017 Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

Tuesday, 26 September 2017
Two years ago I wrote my original GBBO drinking game. But as I made it for the 2015 series, it's kind of outdated. I've been using the university's VPN to watch the new Channel 4 Great British Bake Off and honestly - I'm loving it. I was worried about the takeover but it's still the same show we all know and love. But it was time for a new 2017 drinking game with some updates rules! Whether it's an alcoholic beverage or just a cup of tea - sit back, relax, and watch out for these:

  • The theme song.
  • British wildlife.
  • An interview is conducted under an umbrella because it's raining. 
  • Something is burnt.
  • Kate uses an obscure herb.
  • Someone uses homemade equipment to execute a bake.
  • Someone runs out of time.
  • Something hasn't set.
  • Soggy bottom.
  • Julia makes a face.
  • A bake is dropped.
  • The technical challenge is so obscure no one has heard of it.
  • Noel Fielding wears an amazing shirt.
  • A contestant helps out another contestant.
  • Tears.
  • There's an add break because this is no longer the BBC.
  • Your favourite baker gets sent home.
  • Steven gets star baker - again.
  • Paul is involved in a sexual innuendo. 
  • Dough is still raw. 
  • Handshake. 
What would you put on your GBBO drinking game?

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