Brunch at Greens Eggs Cafe, Philadelphia

Wednesday, 6 September 2017
There have been a tonne of brunch reviews on my blog recently - sorry not sorry. When I was visiting Philadelphia recently the Green Eggs Cafe was recommended to Lila and me by her brother, a real Philadelphia foodie. There are 3 locations but we went to the most central: 212 S 13th Street. We visited around 2 pm on a Sunday morning after visiting the Eastern State Penitentiary. We waited around 15 minutes for a table but there was seating whilst we waited and it gave us the chance to ogle everyone else's food to help us make up our minds. The menu is huge and has so many amazing options.

It took me a while to decide on what I wanted as I was really strung up between ordering salted caramel banana stuffed French toast and cookie dough stuffed French toast. First world problems! In the end, I went for the salted caramel and banana which was amazing. The french toast is made with challah bread, a traditional sweet Jewish bread, which is probably the best bread for it. The three huge slices were layered with creme brulee batter, bananas and salted caramel. The portion sizes at Green Eggs Cafe were huge so unfortunately, I had to take some home. That meant I got to eat this for breakfast the next two days. 

Lila ordered the red velvet pancakes which much like my French toast, was also a hugely impressive portion. Three thick, red, chocolate pancakes layered with strawberry and mascarpone. I have to admit I had major food envy after I saw these! I tried a little corner and they were amazing! Especially as I love strawberries. Like me, Lila had to take some home with her. I wouldn't complain about that as I've been to places where you pay the exact same amount for brunch but with a much smaller portion size. At least this will last you one or two extra meals! 

We also ordered a side of fries which was really unnecessary in the end as our main meals ended up being so big. However, they were delicious, crispy and salty which helped to balance the immense sweetness of our meals. And I hate to admit it but I totally dipped the fries into the salted caramel and it was AMAZING.

If you're visiting Philadelphia and looking to go for brunch I would definitely recommend the Green Eggs Cafe, they have a huge menu, three locations and it will definitely fill you up. I was so full that I really struggled to eat my cheese steak dinner the same day! The restaurant is cash only but they have their own ATM. You can read their full menu here

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  1. Those red velvet pancakes look incredible! I don't know if I'd be able to eat them - they're too pretty


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