Crowne Plaza Downtown Dallas Hotel Review

Wednesday, 13 September 2017
I've just gotten back from the most amazing trip to Texas. I booked the trip about two months ago and have been looking forward to it for weeks. My friend Sarah was doing some work this summer in California and we were looking for somewhere that we could meet up that would be kinda equidistant between the East and West Coasts. Luckily, our friend Jessica just moved back to Dallas after finishing her degree so we thought it would be a great place to go. I wanted to review our hotel, the Crowne Plaza's Downtown Dallas Hotel, as we thought it was great. We found the hotel on which is my favourite way to find great hotels to stay in. 

The hotel was super easy to get to from Dallas Forth Worth airport, we hopped on the orange train for about 40 minutes and got off at a stop that was a two-minute walk from the hotel. And the ticket only cost $2.50. Definitely, the easiest airport-hotel journey I've ever taken on public transport. The location proved to be fantastic and we were never more than a 20-minute walk from the attractions we wanted to see and restaurants we wanted to eat at. After an easy check-in we headed up to the elevator to check out our room. The room had two double beds which were fantastic as I've been sleeping in a single since moving to the US so I fully appreciated the opportunity to lounge around. 

The beds were so big and comfy that they made for a really good nights sleep. The hotel was very quiet and we didn't hear any noise from other guests or from the street. Big, black out blinds made the room really dark which allowed for a bit of a snooze too.  We had a fantastic view of nearby buildings from the window and it was so easy to just sit and watch the traffic moving around the city.

Room service was available but we didn't take advantage of it. The menu was quite vast and the prices were very reasonable for hotel room service. I think had we been there a few days longer some drinks would have eventually led to ordering mozzarella sticks in bed. Doesn't that sound like a dream! There was also a mini fridge which allowed us to keep anything we bought cool - and importantly to stop my chocolate from melting in the Texan heat. 

There was also a great selection of miniature toiletries available which was really nice. Not having to bring shampoo etc means I can bring so much more with me on the flight that I actually want! The shower was also really nice, you can't beat a good hot shower after a swim!

The highlight of the hotel for me was the rooftop pool. Unfortunately, it was booked out for a pool party for a few hours on the days that we were there. Guests were invited but we didn't quite fancy it and there was also ID required which meant any guests with kids couldn't go. We did take full advantage of the pool at other times. It was particularly great in the morning when the pool was in the shade - I didn't have to worry about getting burnt and could swim to my heart's content. It was surprisingly quiet considering the size of the hotel and we never had any problems getting a sun bed. 

And lastly, I just wanted to share this photo that I took of the Downtown Dallas area from the Reunion Tower. I think it shows how fantastic and central the location of the hotel was. If you want to read more about my trip to Dallas be sure to check in on Sunday for my travel diary. 

The Crowne Plaza Hotel can be found at 1015 Elm St, Dallas. For more information about the hotel see their website

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