An Autumnal Weekend in Vermont

Wednesday, 25 October 2017
There's something magical about fall in New England and I knew that I really wanted to get out of Connecticut and experience it up north. And hence this trip occurred. Some friends and I took a little road trip up to Vermont for the weekend to relax, go hiking and immerse ourselves in the true American 'fall' experience. I met them in Hartford and from there it was only two hours or so to drive up. We rented an amazing cabin on Air BnB and despite arriving in the middle of the night on Friday the 13th, we survived! It was totally dark by the time we arrived so we lit our wood burning stove, watched Mean Girls and then fell asleep.

We had a little bit of a lazy morning. After waking up and appreciating the view around or cabin we made breakfast. I couldn't capture how beautiful everything really was with such a range of colours from the leaves in the soft morning light. We were totally in the middle of nowhere and everything was so peaceful and perfect. For breakfast, we made some cinnamon rolls (from a can not from scratch, don't be too impressed) and they were delicious. Before setting off out for our hike. 

We did the Lye Brook Falls trail which is located in the Green Mountains and Finger Lakes national forest. It was about an hour long drive from our Air BnB and we passed some of the most amazing scenery. Vermont is one of the least densely populated states so there were just trees and mountains as far as the eye could see. With beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red lighting up the view. I could easily have driven around the state all day just marvelling at everything. 

The trail was 2.3 miles each way so overall 4.6 miles. It involved more of an incline than I was expecting and I have to admit I struggled a little bit but it was totally worth it. The falls are an impressive 125 foot tall and are really cool to see in person. I much preferred the walk on the way back when my friend Serena and I took it at a more leisurely pace and chatted loads as we walked - plus it was so much easier going downhill! 

We stopped at a farm shop on the way home to pick up some classic Vermont treats. Vermont is known for maple syrup in the USA. People from New England are always very serious about arguing that Vermont maple syrup is better than Canadian maple syrup. I bought a bottle of it but I'm yet to try some. I'll keep you posted! I also got some fresh apple cider. Apple cider is non-alcoholic in the US and is actually just really really fresh apple juice. It was absolutely delicious. It was totally unlike the store bought apple juice that I'm used to and I don't think I can ever go back. 

When we got back to the cabin we set up an outdoor fire as there was a fire pitt. My friend Kathryn made us the best mac and cheese and we ate dinner around the campfire whilst drinking wine. Then we made smores. They were really good but I was so full after dinner. It felt really cosy and I was so glad to have the experience. It felt very American! It's nights like that that make me feel really grateful for the opportunities to have and how lucky I am to be here getting all these experiences. 

The next morning it was time to head home. We drove over the New Hampshire border to tick off another state and visit Spofford Lake. Unfortunately, the beach as basically closed as the summer season was over but it was still nice to be by the water for a little. After that, we drove to Brattleboro to have brunch at a place called Tulip Café and do a little bit of souvenir shopping. I got a super cosy jumper with Vermont and some leaves embroidered on the front and some Christmas presents for people back home. 

I had the best weekend. People are always asking me where my favourite place I've been so far in the US and I think that Vermont may have just crept into the top spot (although Boston/Massachusetts will always have my heart).

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