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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
One of my favourite things about Scotland is that there are so many fantastic islands to visit. My family visit the Isle of Arran almost every year. So even though I've spent a lot of time on the islands I've not actually been to that many of them. My trip to the Isle of Skye makes it an even two which is pretty pitiful if you ask me. I'd like to make more trips to the islands so that I can take in the diverse landscapes, amazing beaches and fantastic seafood. These are some of the islands that are on my bucket list. 

The Isle of Bute
The Isle of Bute is also situated in the Firth of Clyde so I'd like to visit this one on a combined trip to Arran. If I remember correctly, there is a small ferry service that connects the two. The island is split by the highland/lowland line as well which is pretty unique and I think it would be a great island to visit without having to head too far north. 

The Isle of Jura 
Jura is the Gaelic word for deer which is appropriate as this small island is home to more deer than it is humans. A friend of mine visited the island for a family wedding and her photos were absolutely stunning. It's one of the smaller of the islands in this post and I think it would be perfect for the remote Scottish island experience. 

The Isle of Lewis
One of my all-time favourite Scottish writers is Peter May - who I even got to meet at one of the Edinburgh book festivals. He set a trilogy of murder mystery books on the Isle of Lewis and I've been dying to visit ever since there's even a tour based on the books. It is also home to some stunning beaches and if definitely one of the biggest of the Hebridean islands. 

The Isle of Mull
Mull is home to Tobermory - the colourfully painted town known as Balamorey in the children's TV show. It has its own aquarium, a distillery and a tonne of fantastic scenery to soak in. There are a few smaller isles surrounding the island and I do believe it's possible to do day trips to these as well. 

Orkney is a collection of islands right on the Northern tip of Scotland. These islands have a rich history with lots of Neolithic sites to visit including the famous Skara Brae. There are ferry services available but you can also fly to the islands from Edinburgh which may just be the easiest option if coming from the lowlands. 

Have you visited any amazing Scottish Islands?

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