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Wednesday, 27 December 2017
2017 has been a really weird year. I knew that it would be a pretty busy one from the get-go but everything hit me a little harder than I expected. But one thing that really stands out to me is the amount of travelling I've done this year. Moving to the US definitely helped make a lot of this travel achievable but I got a pretty decent chunk of Europe covered too. Last year I wrote a blog post where I looked back at 2016 in travel and I've decided to do the same again this year as it's a nice way to look back and reminisce. I visited 14 cities across 5 countries in 2017 which is pretty spectacular.

Inverness and the Isle of Skye, Scotland
My first trip of the year was a quick road trip up north to Inverness and the Isle of Skye. I loved Inverness and would really like to see some more of it. And Skye is just as wonderful as everyone says it is. These two places are excellent for anyone interested in seeing more of the beauty of Scotland.
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York, England
One of my university friends is from Yorkshire and I took a quick day trip down on my Easter vacation to visit her and explore the city. I'd probably say it's my favourite out of the English cities I've been to. Very quaint and so soaked in history. Plus the weather was gorgeous. I would love to go back and spend more time in the city as I really enjoyed myself. 
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Belfast, Northern Ireland
Scotland doesn't actually have any US embassies that issue visas so to get my visa I had to go to either London or Belfast. I went for Belast because I could get an appointment faster. I was only there for a day because I arrived, went to my hotel, slept, went to the embassy and then went back to the airport. That being said, the Maryville House B&B was probably the nicest place I've ever stayed and it was a nice relaxing break from exam revision.

Berlin,  Germany
My high school bestie, Sarah, and I went to Berlin for two nights to celebrate the end of my exams and the end of her semester abroad in Madrid. We had a fantastic time seeing the city and practicing our high school German. We were both a lot better at it than we thought! My personal highlight was the view of the city from the TV Tower were we enjoyed a strawberry daiquiri. Sarah and I are hopefully going to Dubrovnik next September so it may not be the last you hear about us travelling together!
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Rome, Italy
Not long after I got back from Berlin, I was off again! My university friends and I went to Rome again to celebrate the end of our exams but also as a last hurrah before we all got spread out across the globe for our placement year. Rome is one of those cities I've always dreamed of visiting and it almost didn't feel real seeing all the amazing sites in person. And lets not even start on how amazing Italian food is. 
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Riga, Latvia
Finishing off my three trips in three weeks was Riga! Latvia isn't a common destination but it's now my favourite country in Europe after the amazing adventure I had there with Becky. The city is beautiful and colourful and we spent 3 nights there. Not only did we see a lot in the city but we also had a fantastic hotel with a pool so there was some relaxation too. I'd love to go back.
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Boston, Massachusetts
Boston is my favourite US city so I couldn't not go back to visit Leda after moving to the US. We redid all my favourites and also did some cool new stuff like a boat trip and visiting the Brattle Bookstore. And not to mention the food. Boston has amazing fresh seafood and the best cannoli on the east coast. Yum!
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Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
Philadelphia is the only place in the US that my mum has ever been to and so I knew I wanted to visit at some point. Luckily, one of my friends from uni is from just outside of Philadelphia and I was able to spend a night with her family. Even though I was only there for one night I was able to see so much from the Liberty Bell to the Magic Gardens. But perhaps my highlight was actually watching Hidden Figures at an outdoor theatre. They were showing it as it was the week before the solar eclipse. We got had a picnic and watched the movie. I'd already seen it but seeing it in such a big crowd was a totally different experience. 

Dallas, Texas
Labor Day is a US holiday weekend and I took advantage of this by taking a trip to Dallas with my friend Sarah, who was doing some reserach in California over the summer. We picked Dallas because it was in between the east and west coasts and our lovely friend Jessica is from there. We had a fantastic time, successfully survived the Texan heat and had our first Southern adventure. I loved it and would really live to go back and see more of Texas. I also had the best cheeseburger of my life there which is you know, important. 
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Newport, Rhode Island
Rhode Island isn't really at the top of too many people's travel lists and as it's the smallest US state it's not hard to understand why. But it's a beautiful little state full of gorgeous beaches, beautiful mansions and fantastic seafood. It's right next to Connecticut so makes for the ideal weekend trip. Me and my friends had a fantastic weekend at it was so nice to be reunited with them as they are studying at UConn which is like 2 hours from where I live. 

Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest, Vermont
Another trip with my UConn friends. We wanted to get the authentic New England experience and see the fall colours in Vermont. I think it may actually be my favourite state! We rented a log cabin and had a really rustic weekend with hiking etc thrown in for good measure. There's nothing like drinking wine around a camp fire with good friends.
Washington D.C., District of Columbia 
How could I live in the US for a year without visiting the capital? I spent a fantastic weekend in DC at the end of October. I visited all the classic monuments and a few good museums too. I also got to meet my long time blogging friend Jess after 5 years of reading each other's blogs! I even went to a comedy show at the DC Improv and had a good old laugh. 
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
My most recent trip and the last of 2017 was a road trip to Virginia with my fellow interns. A weekend of hiking, smores and a creepy log cabin was just what I needed. We drove through a tonne of new states en route too including West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Plus we got to see bears in the wild which was absolutely amazing. I'd definitely recommend it!
New York, New York
I don't think I could talk about this year without discussing New York City. Even though I haven't actually stayed in the city, living an hours train ride away makes it super accessible. I didn't fall in love with New York on my first visit but getting to explore the city in smaller bursts suits me much better and so I've really enjoyed my day trips there. From walking the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. I did a lot of travelling this year but I think next year I'll be seeing a lot more of the big apple.

Wow. What a year it's been. I can't wait to see where 2018 takes me.

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