5 Goals for 2018 That Don't Make Me Feel Bad About Myself

Sunday, 7 January 2018
I use an online calendar to schedule in my blog post ideas in advance. And a few months ago I scheduled in '2018 goals' for today. 2017 has been a really, really hard year for me and my mental health is not in a great place. Unfortunately, I really don't see this improving until I move back to Scotland in June so I'm feeling a real lack of motivation for 2018 because of this and kind of viewing it with a 'just get through it' attitude. So when I saw that post scheduled there I was a little apprehensive about writing it. 

Mostly, I just didn't feel like I had the motivation or the energy to commit to things like eating healthier or joining the gym, even if I do eat brie toasties for dinner more times a week than I'd care to admit. I decided to make goals that are more like 'fun things I want to do' rather than goals based on severe self-improvement which let's face it, never really happen anyway and just become ways to bash yourself when you're feeling down.

Am I being easy on myself? Definitely. But do I need to be kind to myself right now? Absolutely.

1. Visit 3 new US states.
I visited 11 new US states in 2017 which was pretty crazy. I don't expect to visit a lot more new states in 2018 because I've basically exhausted all of the states that are within driving/train/bus distance of Connecticut. But I would like to visit 3 new states in the new year. My friends and I are wanting to do a road trip weekend to Maine, a trip to Chicago is also definitely on the cards and that leaves me one other state to visit. There are loads I would like to visit but I guess I'll see how things work out. 

2. Read 52 books. 
For the last few years, my goal has been to read 52 books and this year is no different. It's a book a week which considering how quickly I can read books, is a fair goal as long as I stay motivated.

3. Really declutter my clothes. 
When I moved to America I realised just how little clothing I really need. I understand that fashion is really fun for a lot of people and they enjoy the choice that a larger wardrobe gives them, but honestly, I don't really care and it's made me realise that I definitely don't need as many clothes as I own, especially considering how little I wear some of it. Over Christmas, I cleared out two bin bags full of clothes to give to a charity shop but a lot of clothes are still in boxes from moving out of my uni flat so once I get everything unpacked for my 5th year, I want to go through everything again and get rid of everything I don't genuinely love. 

4. Go back to Canada.
I have a lot of family in Canada so whilst I'm over this side of the Atlantic I want to go and visit them again. A road trip from Connecticut to Montreal is also on the cards which I think would be amazing as I've never visited the French-speaking region of Canada before so that would be new. That being said, I don't speak any French, maybe I should make that one of my goals.

5. Generate less waste.
This is something that I've been conscious of for a while (see my post on living more ethically), but in 2018 I'd like to focus more on generating less waste. It's been hard as there's no recycling at my house in America but I want to try and generate less waste by avoiding plastic straws, taking my own grocery bags, not using single-use bags when buying loose fruit/veg, using a reusable coffee cup and not buying products containing microbeads. 

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