Meet Stan & Ollie

Wednesday, 17 January 2018
A few months ago, my family adopted two black labrador puppies: Stan & Ollie. Much to my amazement and also disappointment. Amazement because my mum had previously said 'we are never getting another dog' and now we had two. And disappointing because I was approximately 3'600 miles away and knew I wouldn't be home until Christmas. So after months of asking for photos and talking to the dogs on Facetime, I finally got to meet them myself on Christmas eve. And they are wonderful. So full of energy, love and personality. They are brothers and it's so nice to watch them playing with each other (and also fighting with each other because, boys). 

Ollie (Red collar) 
Now, this little guy is definitely the alpha male out of the two. He's a bit more daring and bold in personality. He's always the first one to try new things like swimming or running into the woods. At first, he seems a little more independent but once he knows he can get food out of you, he's your best friend. He's definitely the greediest out of the two of them and won't be happy if he's shut out of the dining room. During the day he's full of energy and likes to jump around. But at night time, he's very cuddly and likes to cuddle in and get his belly rubbed. If I'm lying on my bed reading or watching TV he's the perfect spooning partner. 

Stan (Blue collar)
Whilst Ollie can be a bit more independent, Stan is definitely the kiss ass. He's always wanting hugs and kisses, loves sitting up on your knee and would give out kisses all day if he could. He's a bit gentler on the walks (ie doesn't pull as much) and has that real Labrador Retriever personality. On a walk, he'll find a stick and keep it with him the whole way. He loves to tease Ollie with toys and they always end up fighting over the same toy because of this. There's a pile of sticks outside our house that's he's tried (and failed) to sneak in. 

It's gutting to have to leave them for 5 more months but I'll be back in June and I'm sure we'll get up to plenty of adventures. 

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