Pizza Posto, Edinburgh

Sunday, 14 January 2018
After 6 months of living in the states, I was itching to get back to the Edinburgh restaurant scene and get writing some reviews. So when I went through for the day to visit my friends and one of them recommended Pizza Posto I was more than happy to try it out. My favourite pizza of all time comes from a place called Paesano in Glasgow and a quick glance at Instagram showed that these pizzas looked very similar so I had very high hopes for this place!

The restaurant is located on the edge of Newington and the Old Town, right next to Surgeon's Hall. Despite having a pretty small front, the restaurant has lots of space on the inside and plenty of tables. We made a reservation for our Friday night 6pm dinner in case it was busy but we would easily have gotten seated without it. We sat in the window and caught up with what's been happening over the course of the last sixth months.

The menu is very simple with 8 or so pizzas and some specials. I ordered a margarita which is my normal go to. I'm easily pleased! One of my friends also ordered one and the other had the njuda base pizza with Tuscan sausage and broccoli. They also have some salads on the menu if you don't fancy a pizza (?!). The pizza's arrived really quickly are were super fresh. This style of pizza is my absolute favourite, thin base and super simple, fresh ingredients but a doughy crust. Exactly the same as my favourite Paesano without the train journey into Glasgow. It was absolutely delicious.

I'll be back in Edinburgh permanently as of June and I can see this becoming a firm favourite of mine. It's in a fantastic location and it's extremely cheap. At £5 for a margarita pizza and £5 for a glass of prosecco, you've got the perfect meal out for a tenner, who can say no to that?

Pizza Posto is located at 16 Nicolson Street and you can read their menu here.

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