The Return To Edinburgh

Wednesday, 24 January 2018
Before I went home for Christmas, I had all of these ideas in my head about the day trips that I was going to take into Edinburgh and all the things I was going to do there and well, that didn't exactly go to plan. I shrugged off chances to go for spending time with my family, my dogs and avoiding the rain. But I did make it through for one day and it was perfect just the right reminder of how much I love the city and enough to fill up my heart with its charm to tide me over the coming months. 

I'd made plans with my friends Kathryn and Imogen, to meet for dinner at 6pm after Imogen had finished work. Kathryn and I went in a little earlier to spend some time in the city. It was brilliant to see her again but she's actually doing her year abroad at the University of Connecticut so I've actually seen her a few times since we moved across (Rhode Island, Vermont). Our first port of call was the National Museum of Scotland. 

The National Museum is something that I always recommend because not only is it free, it also has a fantastic viewing terrace on the top that gives you a great view of the city. It was the ideal place to refamiliarise ourselves with the city's skyline and point out places that we love. This museum is also great on rainy days because there's a lot to see on the inside. We skipped this as we were on limited time and wanted to make the most of it before it got dark. 

I hadn't really had a proper lunch so after leaving the museum we went to Lovecrumbs, a lovely little cafe on Westport so we walked there via the Grassmarket. 

We passed the Greyfriar's Bobby statue too which is something I always love to see. He was an old dog who returned to the Greyfriar's Kirkyard every day to sit by his owners grave. He's famous across Scotland and this little statue was built to remember his loyalty. It's lucky to rub his nose which is why it's so worn out. I do have a FANTASTIC picture of me on a night out where we climbed onto the base of the statue but I don't think it's quite a blog-friendly image. 

The Grassmarket area is one of my favourite parts of Edinburgh, not only is there a fantastic view of the castle it's also home to some of the best foodie spots in the city. Mainly, Mary's Milk Bar which has hands down the best ice cream with the most inventive flavours I've ever seen. Unfortunately, it was shut for the owner's well-deserved winter break otherwise I'd have been right in there for a hot chocolate ice cream float. For a healthier kick - check out the hula juice bar. 

I've tried to visit Lovecrumbs on several occasions but each time I've passed, there's been no free seats. Luckily, as the university was still on winter break we were able to grab a seat. The window seat no less. Lovecrumbs is known through the uni for this window seat as you are actually sitting in the window box itself making not only for great photo lighting but a fantastic Instagram shot. 

Not being a coffee fan, I went for their rose and cardamon hot chocolate which is honestly the nicest hot chocolate I've ever drunk. And I couldn't say no to a piece of cake either, opting for a slice of the lemon and pistachio cake. It was delicious but as always, the icing was a bit much for me. 

We walked around the city a little bit more, swinging by the McEwan Hall to see it in all of it's renovated glory. In about a year and a half, we'll hopefully be graduating there with Masters degrees! There's a building by Summer Hall which displays Edinburgh's carbon monoxide level in ppm on the side which has become a bit of a thing between myself and Kathryn. If we pass it without the other we'll text each other to let them know. So we went on a walk to see it. Bit sad but very much cheered us up. 

By this point it was dark and rainy so we went to the student union for an hour to kill some time before meeting Imogen. I've already blogged about this but we went to a relatively new restaurant called Pizza Posto. It was really delicious. Not only was it super cheap but the pizzas were Neapolitan style which is by far my favourite type of pizza. You can read my review to get my full thoughts but in summary I'd totally recommend it!

It was a fantastic day and I got back on the train smiling. Until we meet again Edinburgh!

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