Hotel Review: The Embassy Row Hotel, Washington D.C.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018
The Embassy Row Hotel was where I stayed during my trip to Washington, D.C. and it was an amazing hotel. I love hotels but don't always have the biggest budget. However, my trip to D.C. was a little treat to myself after having a rough patch with my physical health and I wanted to treat myself. And that's where The Embassy Row Hotel came in. I use for all of my travel arrangements and it stood out because of its fantastic location, bright decor and price.

I stayed at the hotel for two nights during the last weekend of October. Upon arrival at the hotel, which is very close to the subway stop, I was really impressed by the decor and style of the reception area. The staff were super friendly and checked me in for my booking and gave me my room keys. Sometimes I find that hotel staff can be a bit snooty when staying in slightly fancier hotels but I didn't find that at all. 

My room was on the second highest floor and I loved the decor. The bright blue was really vibrant and fun. The wallpaper was designed to match the headboard on the bed which shows a real attention to detail. There's something a little magical about staying in a hotel isn't there? I'm a bit of an interiors fiend and living in rented accommodation means I don't really get to indulge in nice decor all too often. I loved how the pillows on the bed had D.C. monuments on them. Little touches like USB chargers completed the room, everything had been thought of.

My one complaint about the room itself and American bathrooms, in general, was the shower. In America, it's really common for the showers in people's homes and hotels to be fixed to the wall. Being European I am used to the shower heads that you can move around so I just really hate those showers! But apart from that, the bathroom was great, very clean and a good size.

The hotel has a lot of amenities for guests to use including a restaurant and a rooftop bar/pool which is open during the summer months. The hotel is also pet-friendly to my delight and I got to pet many cute dogs in the corridor. The one thing that bothered me a little about my trip was that being there the weekend before Halloween, other guests were very noisy in the corridors in the early hours of the morning which kept waking me up. I know that this is totally out of the control of the staff but there could perhaps have been signs reminding guests returning late at night to be quiet and courteous to other guests.

And lastly, the location. The hotel is super close to the DuPont Circle metro station which has great transport links to the city. That being said, there is also a lot going on in DuPont Circle. On my first night, I went to a comedy show at the DC Improv which was only a 15/20 minute walk from the hotel and there were a lot of dinner options as well. The show was great and I'd recommend the Improv to anyone looking for something to do in D.C. at night. 

For more information about the hotel please check out their website

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