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Sunday, 4 February 2018
My blog turned 6 years old at the end of January, however, I've been feeling a bit of discontent with my content recently. I don't feel like there's enough about my everyday life on my blog and that I portray this idea that I just travel about all the time and read 24/7. Which is a big part of my life but more the exception than the rule. So I've decided that I want to write a blog post each month talking about some of the things that I've been up to that just don't justify their own post. How horribly self-indulgent. But hey, this is a 'lifestyle' blog!

January was a funnny month. It was hard in the beginning because to be honest, I didn't want to come back to the US. Which I don't really talk about because it doesn't really help but in the end I think I need to accept that this has been a fantastic opportunity but totally the wrong opportunity for me. I just want to be on the same time zone as my mum again.  That being said, I also turned 21 and had some friends visit NYC so it's had a lot of positives too.

What I've been up to...

I started off the year in my hometown nightclub with some friends. It was the first time I'd been and I actually really enjoyed myself which was surprising as I don't normally enjoy nightclubs too much. The rest of my time in Scotland was spent with family and a day in Edinburgh before I flew back to the US on the 7th. Right after the bomb cyclone and bloody hell is it cold over here.

The first two weeks back in the US were quiet as I readjusted to the timezone and got on with it. The other set of interns at my company rotate over Christmas break so we had some new friends to show around Stamford. Then it was my 21st birthday!

To celebrate my friends and I went to NYC for the evening. We had dinner at a restaurant called Penelope which was serving up the best fish and chips I've found in the US (what can I say I miss home). Then after that, we went to a few bars and caught a comedy show at Stand Up NY which was incredible! NY has some great comedy clubs so definitely something I'd recommend doing. I was also pretty drunk by this point which made everything funnier.

Then last weekend some of my friends from Scotland were in the city. It felt so good to hear Scottish accents and spend time with them. I actually filmed a short vlog too. Now, I'm no videographer but I had a lot of fun making it. Despite only spending one day with them, we did so much!

I've also booked a trip to South Carolina/Georgia for February and a trip to Chicago for early March so that's definitely picked me up a little. 

What I've been reading...

I published my January Reading Wrap Up on Wednesday and I managed to get through 6 books in January which is a fantastic start to the year. I think my favourite was Sourdough by Robin Sloan who is a favourite author of mine.

In terms of blogs, I've been loving Kirsty's 10 Little Things Series, Leda's posts about her trips to Poland and my old blogging friend Jess has started blogging again. 

What I've been baking...

One of my friends has been making this banging rosemary bread and I finally got around to asking her for the recipe. It was my first time baking bread totally from scratch and it actually came out pretty good if I do say so myself! There's honestly not too much to do in Stamford at in the evenings when you don't drive and it's so cold outside so it's the perfect time to spend all evening baking bread. 

Burns night is at the end of January and I thought that to celebrate I would make some shortbread to take into work and omg it was a disaster. First of all, I have no rolling pin (or empty wine bottles) so my dough was all uneven and then I totally burnt them. Oops...

After reading Sourdough by Robin Sloan this month, I decided to try my own on some sourdough. But first... you gotta make the starter. The starter is basically a yeast culture that you make and then keep alive and then use when baking bread. It takes a few days to properly develop before you can bake with it so whilst I have started it, I'm yet to make my first loaf. 

What I've been watching...

I've hit a bit of a Netflix slump at the moment. I've finished The Crown and Broadchurch and have been struggling to find something since then. I started watching The Blacklist in December and I've watched the first season but don't quite have the urge to power through the remaining 3 seasons.  

My friends and I started watching The Bachelor which is an American reality TV show where 30ish women compete for a man. It's absolutely crazy and a total trainwreck but I love the drama. In terms of who I want to win... Tia is my favourite but to be honest I think Arie isn't a great guy so I'd actually be glad if she didn't win. I've been watching Hunted on 4od and I love it. 9 UK residents go 'on the run' and try and avoid government surveillance. It's a lot of fun!

I only watched one movie this month and that was Pitch Perfect 3 which I went to the cinema to see. I've heard a lot of bad reviews but really enjoyed it. It's not a serious movie but it made me laugh a lot and was a nice way to spend a weekend.

Looking back on it, it's been a good month, even if it did feel like it lasted forever.

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