Savannah, Georgia

Wednesday, 14 March 2018
Savannah oh nah nah.

Half of my heart is Savannah oh nah nah. 

Wait? What do you mean those aren't the lyrics?

When Jess and I went to Charleston for the weekend, we could pass up the opportunity to sneak across the state border to Georgia. Savannah is a beautiful, relaxed city located about 2 hours from Charleston. The two cities are very similar but also very different. Savannah is like Charlestons, cooler, more relaxed younger sister.

When looking at things to do in the south, plantations come up time and time again. And we were both a little uncomfortable with the idea of visiting one. We took our time to select one that would not ignore how those plantations came to be. We settled on the Wormsloe Estate which has this beautiful driveway covered in Spanish moss. The night before I went to check the opening hours and we found they were closed on Mondays (the day we were planning on going). We decided to go by anyway to take some photos with the Spanish moss and realised it was actually open for the holiday. However, we'd already planned out our schedule without going in so we didn't have time to properly go in. 

When we arrived in the city proper, we were a little peckish. So we stopped off at The Collin's Quarter for a quick brunch. Despite it being around 12pm on a holiday we were able to get seated inside without a wait. We both ordered the avocado on toast with poached eggs. I went for some freshly squeezed orange juice and Jess was feelin' floral with a lavender latte. The meal was fantastic. I might write a full review but we really enjoyed our food and the atmosphere was lovely. Pure hipster decoration. Loved it! 

After that, we headed across the street to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low - the woman who started the Girl Scouts organisation! Jess was a girl scout when she was younger and we really enjoyed having a rake around their gift shop. We both left with some girl power bookmarks. They also had a tonne of those children's books about inspiration women which I love seeing. We then walked a little around the area and looked in a few shops. Savannah is a very green city, so many trees and parks. The perfect place for an afternoon stroll. 

It was very hot outside so we went to Forsyth Park where we sat in the shade and people watched. And by people watched, I mean dog watched. There were so many dogs in the park and so many came to say hello to us. We particularly fell in love with a gey pitbull puppy called Kenzie who had the most gorgeous blue eyes and Noah, the skateboarding corgi puppy. There are some landmarks in the park too including the beautiful fountain. 

We went on a quick trip to some souvenir stores to pick up some reminders of our trip before we went for dinner. We had a relatively early dinner at Sandfly BBQ. A classic southern BBQ joint inside an old Streamliner. It was super cool. The smokehouse is right out back and you could smell it as soon as we drove up. 

Jess and I both ordered the half rack of ribs and fries. The ribs were hands down the best ribs I have ever hand in my life. They were juicy, falling right off the bone and the sauce. THE SAUCE. As much as I tried to tuck in, I was just totally overcome and couldn't finish them. I don't use emojis in blog posts but imagine the little crying face. The fries were also lovely, thin and crispy and salty. A perfect accompaniment to the slightly sweeter ribs. 

And with that our time in Savannah came to a close. We drove back to Charleston (accidentally taking a crazy detour down country roads) and wrapped up the day eating Cheetos and watching The Bachelor. It was honestly my favourite day of the trip and I had such a fantastic time. Savannah will always hold a special little place in my heart. 

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