Sunday, 18 March 2018

What I Ate in a Week: Vegetarian

Going vegetarian has always been something that I've toyed with the idea of but never been able to fully commit to. I've struggled with my eating in the past and have always been a little scared to approach a veggie lifestyle in case it resulted in a spiral in unhealthy behaviour. I recently watched a Ted Talk video that discussed how reducing your meat intake still has an impact. Whilst I know that it's not all that is needed, I was much more comfortable with the idea of having several meat-free days a week than with the idea of converting totally. 

However, I wanted to try eating vegetarian for a week just to prove to myself that I was capable of it. And I did it! Honestly, it was much easier than I thought it would be, in fact, I hardly noticed it. That being said, I didn't eat out during this week. And I do tend to eat only meat meals when in restaurants. But I digress. I wanted to share this post to open about a discussion about vegetarianism on my blog. I also wanted to show that real life isn't all Instagram friendly meals and 'whole foods'. Life is frozen chips and whatever is in the freezer after a long day.

Realising how much I didn't miss meat when I stopped eating it, had really inspired me to begin to really cut meat out of my diet.

Breakfast: Orange juice, bran flakes and satsumas. 
Lunch: Sweet potato, carrot and coconut milk soup with pitta bread. 
Dinner: Mac and cheese with a side salad.

Brunch: Cinnamon rolls, hash browns and strawberries. 
Dinner: Fig and brie toastie with a side salad and fruit for dessert.

Breakfast: Bran flakes and satsumas.
Lunch: Fried egg, cheese and oatcakes with a side salad and a slice of banana bread.
Dinner: Margherita pizza with a side salad and more banana bread. 

Breakfast: Bran flakes and satsumas (are you seeing a trend here?).
Lunch: Pancakes with jam, cookies and satsumas. 
Dinner: Sweet potato, carrot and coconut milk soup with a side of tater tots (lol). More pancakes for dessert. It was pancake day.

Breakfast: Breakfast pastry with mixed fruit. 
Lunch: Sweet potato, carrot and coconut milk soup with pitta bread, some chocolate cookies and satsumas.
Dinner: Cheddar omelette with homemade garlic bread and a side salad.

Breakfast: Pineapple and coconut crumble bake. 
Lunch: Cheddar on oatcakes with some side salad, satsumas and chocolate cookies.
Dinner: Had a horrendous migraine this evening and really just fancied a cheese toastie. It was all I ate because I felt very nauseous and just went to bed early. 

Breakfast: Breakfast pastry with mixed fruit
Lunch: Eggplant parm, salad and sourdough bread. 
Dinner: This was the night before I went on holiday so it was a use up whatever I have around kinda night. Some fried eggs, the rest of my bag of salad, some chips, some fruit and the rest of the pineapple crumble thing.

What are your favourite vegetarian meals? Send me recipes in the comments!

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