50 Lists to Include in Your Bullet Journal

Wednesday, 11 April 2018
Are bullet journals still trendy? Who knows. But I'm still using mine and enjoying doing so very much. When I moved I left my Leuchtturm1917 behind (it was heavy) and opted for a regular lined, ring bound notebook instead. I much prefer this. I never look back at my weekly spreads or daily to-do lists so I like being able to rip them out when I'm finished with them. But anyway, I digress...

I must admit, I am a list fiend. And whilst I like filling in my daily bullet journal, there's something that's very soothing about sitting down and writing a few lists. So seeing as my previous bullet journalling posts have been very well recevied, I thought it would be fun to share with you the sort of lists that I write in mine. And here's 50 of them!

  1. New Years resolutions.
  2. Local restaurants to visit. 
  3. Movies/shows to watch.
  4. Books to read.
  5. Books read.
  6. Countries/cities/states visited. 
  7. Wishlist of things to buy. 
  8. Recipes you want to try. 
  9. Packing lists for your upcoming trips. 
  10. Ideas for birthday/Christmas presents. 
  11. Blog posts to write. 
  12. Craft projects to work on.
  13. A 101 things in 1001 days list.
  14. US state license plates you've seen (ok this is niche but I'm obsessed with trying to see them all).
  15. Your favourite blogs to check in on. 
  16. Things to do to clean up when you only have x, y and z minutes. 
  17. Blogging tasks to do when you only have x, y and z minutes. 
  18. University deadlines. 
  19. Parcels you're expecting in the post. 
  20. Instagram photo ideas. 
  21. Cocktail recipes you want to try. 
  22. Bucket list. 
  23. An x before x lists (eg 20 before 20).
  24. Countries/cities/states to visit. 
  25. Things you need to prepare for an upcoming trip (visas, reservations etc).
  26. A seasonal bucket list. 
  27. Things you are grateful for. 
  28. Things to sell, donate or bin. 
  29. Important phone numbers that you use frequently.
  30. Local bus/train information for routes you take often. 
  31. Favourite recipes.
  32. Dinner ideas that take 20 minutes or less.
  33. Things you can do to de-stress
  34. A city-specific bucket list
  35. Spending logs.
  36. Habit trackers.
  37. A reoccurring to do list (for things you have to do frequently like hoover).
  38. Quotes to remember.
  39. Happy memories to look at when you're feeling down. 
  40. Milestones you achieve in a hobby (I have one where I note down what grade the hardest climb I do at rock climbing is). 
  41. Important dates like birthdays and holidays.
  42. Potential dog names (always best to be prepared).
  43. Potential child names (you never know).
  44. A list of YouTube videos that really inspired you that you can go back and watch later.
  45. Musicals you'd like to see live.
  46. Musicals you've seen live. 
  47. Places nearby you want to visit. 
  48. Anything you borrow from someone that you need to return. 
  49. Beauty products that you've heard are good and want to try.
  50. A list of all your tinder dates rating them out of 10 (just kidding but if anyone has this PLEASE let me read it).

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