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Sunday, 22 April 2018
What a way to round up New England. This month, I finally visited my last New England state: Maine. This tiny little state (roughly the size of Scotland actually) is located right up in the northeast corner of the US and is famous for it's coastal beauties and LOBSTER. I visited this state as I did my first, with the lovely Leda

I'd arrived in Boston the night before and after a night of Chinese food and sangria, we drove up to Portland on Saturday morning. And by we drove I mean Leda drove. So shout out to her for being a fantastic chauffeur for the day. It's about a 2-hour drive from  Boston and we arrived around noon.

After hunting down some parking (have to say Portland may be the worst US city I've visited for parking) we headed to the legendary Duck Fat. This is maybe one of the most famous little restaurants in the city, famous for duck fat fried Belgian fries. I've had fries cooked in duck fat before so I was excited to try more as they were totally lush first time around (sorry veggies).

Whilst there was a 30-minute wait, we got a seat and ordered our lunch. I ordered some tomato and fennel soup, Leda ordered a goats cheese, bacon and tomato toasted panini and we got a large cone of the fries to share with truffle ketchup and garlic mayo. The food was absolutely wonderful. No wonder this place has such a reputation. The soup was the perfect little pick me up, rich creamy and good for the soul. And the fries? Worth the wait. 

After lunch, we walked around the downtown area for a little while. The city is not big, but there are lots of lovely little alleys to explore. And one thing that I wasn't expecting - murals! Perfect opportunity for the bloggers to have a little photoshoot. And don't be fooled into thinking that the weather was no coat suitable. It was not.

As it's still the off season, the city was quiet. But there are tonnes of restaurants, bars and breweries and I can really imagine it being pretty bustling in the summer sunshine. We stopped off at the Two Fat Cats bakery to pick up some treats, got back in the car and drove 15 minutes to the Cape Elizabeth lighthouse. New England has a tonne of lighthouses and this is probably one of the prettiest ones. That classic postcard shot. 

I don't actually have any shots from the rest of the day but we drove up to Brunswick, Maine, to visit some of our friends who go to Bowdoin College. Technically, they're Leda's friends but I like to think that they've become my friends too after all my visits to Boston! We caught up with them at their dorm and then had Japanese food for dinner. 

It was pretty late by the time we got home so we settled down on the couch to watch an episode of Queer Eye before bed. 

One quick day in Maine and the perfect way to round up my travelling around New England. 

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