Flinder's Lane, Stamford

Sunday, 15 July 2018
Before I get around to reviewing Edinburgh restaurants, I just wanted to write a quick review of one of my favourite restaurants in Stamford. Flinder's Lane is an Australian restaurant and bar located on Summer Street in the downtown Stamford area. I've visited the restaurant twice, once with some friends to celebrate a birthday and a second time on a work trip. The photos/food from this review is from the initial visit. We headed down after work one weeknight and bagged a table outside. Everything that we ordered was from their happy hour menu which has cocktails at $6 and snacks at $5 each. We ordered a lot of snacks to share instead of having a main meal each. Almost like tapas! 

Starting off with some drinks, what is better for a summer's evening than an Aperol Spritz? If that doesn't entice you, how about a Lillet Rose? With Lillet rose, Ford's gin and grapefruit, it's the perfect summer cocktail. They have a fantastic cocktail menu and at $6 each, they are a real bargain during happy hour. 

The real highlight of the meal to me was the arancini balls. Little parcels of risotto stuffed with mushroom and then fried. Served with a black garlic mayo that certainly packs a punch, these are delightfully moreish and the perfect little snack. And as we were a group of three, what a great potion for sharing?

America offers a lot of great competition for chicken wings but their twice-cooked chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce were delightful. They've achieved wonderfully crispy wings without drying out the chicken. The sweet and sour sauce was delicious without being overpoweringly sweet.

I've never met a croquette that I didn't like. The lamb and manchego croquettes were delicious and came with a good serving of marinara sauce to mop everything up with. Delicious!

And perhaps the most shocking thing on the menu. Chips. Like, actual chips. I lived in the US for a year and this was the only place that had 'chips' on the menu and actually had chips. Hallelujah! And when they're served with garlic mayo I am in heaven. We also ordered a portion of the meatballs which are sneaking around in the back of this picture. They were phenomenal and the bread that came for dipping in the sauce was also lovely. I think it was sourdough but honestly, I'm not 100% sure. 

Their chicken and lemongrass dumplings were the best dumplings I've had in the US outside of NYC's China Town. They tasted really fresh and the sauce was the perfect balance of soy and ginger. I could have eaten a whole bowl of these to myself! 

And finally, the bao! As the portion was two and we were a three, I took one for the team and missed out on these. But they were bbq beef and brisket with pickled carrot and coriander. My friends really enjoyed them.

Flinder's Lane is located at 183 Summer Street and their menu is available online here. They also have a location in NYC which is in the East Village. 

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  1. All of this looks absolutely delicious and how exciting to find proper chips in the US! I keep tripping up in Italy because sometimes the menu will say chips (in English) and sometimes they'll be American chips and sometimes they'll be British chips, argh! Xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy


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