The Aperitivi Menu at Mono, Edinburgh

Sunday, 2 September 2018
I've been back in Edinburgh for about three months now and it's been great being able to visit my favourite old Edinburgh food haunts. But that being said, Edinburgh has gotten some new kids on the block. I was kindly invited down to Mono to try out their aperitivi menu with some other bloggers recently. Mono is an Italian fine dining restaurant located on South Bridge, a stone throw away from the Royal Mile and a great number of Edinburgh's museums and hotels.

The aperitivi menu is served between 5-6:30 pm and consists of a 3 course set menu, canapes and a spritz. The menu is £35 which I'm sure you can agree is fantastic value for money. The spritz is served on arrival and was absolutely delicious. We were all so impressed with the metal, reusable straws that they were served with. Very on trend with all the focus on reducing plastic waste at the moment. We tried of a selection of 3 little canapes. My favourite was the tiny caprese mouthful served on a cracker. I could have had about 30 of these!

Any menu that comes specifically with a bread course, is a winner in my eyes. We were treated to 4 different types of bread presented beautifully with a lovely, sharp olive oil for dipping. My favourite was the rosemary and salt focaccia. Which was wonderfully light and aromatic.

For starters, we had the option between rabbit loin and baked ricotta. Most parties at my table ordered the baked ricotta, myself included. Served beautifully with pine nuts, peppers, aubergine, olives and tomato. The ricotta was smooth and rich which was offset perfectly by the veg. The aubergine was actually the best aubergine I've ever tasted - it can either go so right or so wrong. However, the chefs at Mono have gotten it perfected. One diner ordered the rabbit loin which she was very impressed with.

My main course was the dry aged beef which came served with cauliflower, ox cheek, kohlrabi, potato and interestingly hazelnuts. The beef was tender and really flavoursome. Sprinkled with crunchy hazelnuts, the dish was on the whole rich but has sweet spikes throughout. Everyone at my table ordered this dish and we were all very impressed. None of us were brave enough to try the other main course option - octopus.

Dessert was the real highlight of the meal for me (I have a total sweet tooth). I opted for the caramelised peach dish. Chunks of juicy, caramelised peach served with an almond milk cream, peach sorbet and thin amaretti biscuits. I've never had almond milk cream before but it was so much more flavourful than regular cream and that combined with the sorbet made for a dessert that didn't feel heavy without compromising on flavour.

What amazed me the most about Mono was the atmosphere that they have managed to create. Despite being in a busy area of town during the peak of the Fringe Festival, from the moment we stepped in the door we were transported to a world of total calm. The wait staff were so attentive and every little thing had been thought of. The restaurant is quite large with seating across two stories, however, the warm wood decor and caring attention for the staff meant that it felt like a very intimate dining experience. Perfect for a little bit of luxury during a very busy time in the city. The only thing that I could really critique is that there was no vegetarian option for a main course on the menu. Not a big problem for me a meat eater but something to consider.

Thank you to everyone at Mono for a lovely meal and to the team at Crimson Edge PR for organising the evening for us. This meal was provided in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.

If you would like to visit Mono, you can find their full menu here.

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