Underwater Exploring at Deep Sea World

Wednesday, 12 September 2018
Recently I was invited along to Deep Sea World for their media evening alongside lots of other bloggers and journalists. Deep Sea World is an aquarium located in North Queensferry, about 20 minutes from the city centre of Edinburgh by train. I had visited several times before as a child, but this was my first time visiting as an adult. So I was very excited to see what had changed.

I got the train and it was about a 5 minutes walk to the aquarium. By car, there's a large car park and it is right across the bridges. Very accessible. On arrival, we were taken on a tour of the aquarium. As it was after the regular closing time, it was very quiet and we had the chance to ask the keeps any questions etc. The aquarium has lots of different exhibits with fish from lots of different countries.

My personal favourite was the cichlids of Lake Malawi exhibit. I used to work in an aquatic pet shop where we actually sold lake Malawi cichlids so it really spurred my memory. They also have a lot of conservation going on in the aquarium and they also have a full tank of animals that they have rescued because people bought them to keep at home and they got too big. That's why education is so important at places like this.

After touring the exhibits, we were taken doubt to their tunnel. This is what I remember from my trips in childhood. The longest moving walkway in Europe at 112m, it snakes its way through the shark tank. Leaving you able to look at in awe at all the amazing marine life in there. It's such a calming place to be with all the fish swimming right around you. Truly magical. Unfortunately, it's really hard to photograph so I didn't really get any good pictures. And if you are feeling brave, they offer shark driving experiences too. 

After we'd seen everything inside the aquarium, we headed outside to see their seals. They have 3 seals, one female and two males, sister and brothers. Seals are so much fun to watch as they are very playful animals. They seriously remind me of labradors.

At this point, our tour group was split into two and my group was shown up to their bare bones exhibit. This exhibit had the skeletons of lots of different animals and was actually super interesting. Especially seeing the big pythons skeleton. I had a lot of fun trying to guess the animal before reading the card. Unfortunately, I had to leave to catch my train back before I went to the last part of our tour which was the behind the scenes tour. I was pretty gutted as it would have been really interesting.

Deep Sea World does a fantastic job at not only conservation efforts but also educating the public about aquatic life. It's a fun, family orientated day out. Tickets can be bought in advance online with up to 20% discount. If you're visiting Edinburgh and want some time out of the city the North and South Queensferry areas are really lovely to explore too. 

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