My Favourite Reads of the Year So Far

Wednesday, 24 July 2019
"Wait is that Hayley writing a blog post?"

Yeah you're just as surprised as I am. My final year of uni was a toughie but I'm now a fully qualified Master of Chemistry (with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry with Industrial Experience). Now that I'm a graduate with a nice certificate with my name on it (and the longest degree title in the world), I've got free time and really want to get this blog up and running again. You may notice it's even got a new design! I've decided to ease myself in with a little reading wrap up. Instead of including every book I've read since I stopped writing my monthly wrap-ups, I thought I'd include my favourites from what I've read so far this year. 

Almost Love by Louise O'Neill
This harsh contemporary fiction novel follows Sarah. A girl who is so hopeless in love with Matthew. But Matthew is twenty years older than her and treats her like shit. This book isn't necessarily an easy read. Sarah is frustrating. Again and again, she makes decisions that are hard to agree with. Everyone has a friend like Sarah. And at times I'm pretty sure we've all been Sarah. This book presents you with reality, like all of Louise O'Neill's books. It's harsh, raw and beautifully written.