A Day in Edinburgh with Megabus [gifted]

Sunday, 17 November 2019
"I always feel that when I come to Edinburgh, in many ways I am coming home."

- Alan Rickman

Megabus has recently launched new routes connecting Edinburgh to new UK cities. To celebrate, they've challenged me to show you how you can spend one day exploring Edinburgh for £60. I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years during university and grew up nearby - so I reckon I can give some fantastic tips. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and it's quite small, so it's easy to cover a lot of ground in a small space of time. Let's get started! 


If you're arriving into Edinburgh for the day with Megabus, you'll be starting your day near St Andrews Square. Luckily, one of my favourite new breakfast places is nearby. Dishoom is a well-known franchise of Indian restaurants that opened up their first restaurant in the Scottish capital within the last few years. Their breakfast menu is absolutely delicious and just what you need to fill you up for a day of exploring. 

I'd recommend one of their sausage and egg naan rolls - naan bread filled with local Scottish sausages, beautifully fried eggs and chilli jam. Absolutely delicious. 

Cost: £12 including a tip.
£48 remaining.

The Scottish National Art Gallery

The Scottish National Art Gallery is located just a short walk away, so you can start off the day with a bit of culture. If the weather is nice, walk through the Princes Street Gardens on your way there and soak in the atmosphere of the city. Depending on the time of year you are visiting, this also may be a nice time to pop into the Christmas markets, which are based in the Gardens from late November to early January. 

The art gallery itself is free to enter and contains lots of amazing paintings - from the well known worldwide classics to famous Scottish painters. As it's free to enter, you won't feel any pressure to stay and see absolutely everything, so take it at your own pace. 

Cost: £5 (Technically it's free, but lets put in a cash donation like responsible tourists shall we?).
£43 remaining. 

The Royal Mile

After you've left the Gallery, brace yourself for a bit of a steep walk and head up The Mound and onto The Royal Mile. The bustling centre of Edinburgh. There's plenty to do here, you could spend hours walking up and down this street soaking in the atmosphere and investigating all the shops and market stands. When you reach the top of the mile you'll find the amazing Edinburgh Castle.

Tickets are £17.50 if booked online in advance and this is a fantastic place to learn all about the history of the city. If the weather isn't nice, or you want something a bit more fun, Camera Obscura is right next door and a good alternative. This house of optical illusions is a well-loved classic amongst tourists and locals and is an all-round bit of a laugh. 

Cost: £17.50 (or £16 if you go to Camera Obscura).
£25.50 remaining. 


By now you're a little peckish and it's lunchtime. So head over to Civerinos Slice for a bite to eat. Civerinos is known for being one of the best pizza places in the city so I promise you won't be disappointed. They serve huge slices of pizza - I would honestly say that one is enough for lunch, I've got lots of eating planned for the rest of the day so you don't want to go too overboard!

Cost: £7 for a slice and an iced tea.
£18.50 remaining. 

The National Museum of Scotland

Whenever someone asks me where you should go in Edinburgh, I always recommend the National Museum of Scotland (or just 'The Museum' as the locals call it). You could spend an entire day in here if you're not careful. Entrance is free but I'd recommend making a small donation in their drop boxes at the entrances. If the weather is dry, head up to their rooftop terrace for one of the best views of Edinburgh.

Cost £5 (technically free but I'm factoring in a donation).
£13.50 remaining.

Greyfriar's Bobby

This little statue is famous in Edinburgh as it commemorates a dog who stayed by his owner's grave after he passed away. People consider it good luck to rub his nose, hence why it's so worn away. It's directly opposite the main entrance to the museum to pop by and give it a go yourself. 

Cost: Free.
£13.50 remaining. 

Mary's Milk Bar

Ice cream before dinner? I'm that sort of person. My absolute favourite place to go in Edinburgh is Mary's Milk Bar. This little gelato shop is the best I've ever been to. Nestled into the Grassmarket, you can get amazing gelato in the shade of Edinburgh castle. Mary's is known for it's weird flavour combinations. Pictured above on the right? One scoop of sweetcorn and black pepper, one scoop of goats cheese and peach. Trust me. It's unmissable.

Cost: £3.50 for a double scoop.
£10.00 remaining. 


There are plenty of amazing, fancy restaurants in Edinburgh. But I think if you're going to be making the most of one day in the city, you've got to go for something deep-fried. I won't lie and say that Edinburgh is fantastic for chippies, this was a cause of great woe to me during my student days. However, that was solved when I found The City Restaurant. A sit-down restaurant and takeaway offering up great fish and chips and Italian food. What's not to love! You've got £10 left of your remaining budget. Unfortunately, this isn't enough to buy you fish and chips but remember. This is Scotland. So have some haggis, chips, and irn bru. It gets you through! 

Cost £10.00 for a haggis supper, a can of irn bru and a tip.
£0.00 remaining!


Calton Hill is, in my opinion, the best place to watch the sunset in the city. Unlike Arthur's Seat, it's a much easier climb and most of it is by staircase. From here, you can see out across the city and the view over to the castle including the Scott Monument and the Balmoral Hotel's famous clocktower is one of my absolute favourite views of the city. Whenever I come up here, I fall back in love with Edinburgh. It really is special. 

And that is my local's guide to spending a day in Edinburgh with a budget of £60. I hope that you enjoy your time in the best city in the world! Be sure sure to check out Megabus for transport there.

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*Disclaimer: I received gifts from Megabus in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own and these recommendations are places I genuinely love.*

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