101 Things in 1001 Days

15th July 2012 - 12th April 2015
1)Pass my standard grade exams
2)Pass my higher exams
3)Pass my advanced higher exams
4)Get into university
5)See the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo
6)Take up a new sport
7)Do the race for life
8)Buy the Urban Decay Naked palette
9)Ride a roller coaster that goes upside down
10) Visit London
11) Eat at a street food truck.
12) Go to prom
13) Learn to drive
14) Scuba dive
15) Visit a farmer's market
16) Watch 100 movies I hadn't seen before(50/100)
17) Cook or bake 25 things I hadn't made before (25/25)
18)Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
19)Make marshmallows from scratch
20)Buy a camera
21)Get a new laptop
22)Start a scrapbook
23)Climb Arthur's Seat
24) Give up fizzy juice for a fortnight
25) Get a job
26) Ride one of the Edinburgh trams
27)Become an organ donor
28)Give blood
29) Kiss in the rain
30) Go ice skating
31)Crochet something
32)Take my mum out for lunch/dinner
33)Buy something from MAC
34) Go a week without swearing
35)Save £300 in my bank account
36)Read a Stephen King novel
37)Try 10 products from lush I haven't tried before(10/10)
38)Make a smoothie
39)Get a massage
40)Make a patchwork pillow
41)Learn to say I love you in 10 different languages(10/10)
42) Own a clothbound classic
43)Go to South Queensferry
44)Get a facial
45)Give money to a street performer
46)Save £1 for each task completed(£60/£101)
47)Make a playlist of 101 of my favourite songs
48)Bake jaffa cakes for my boyfriend(they're his favourite)
49) Read 3 more books from the banned book list(3/3)
50) Go to an event at the Edinburgh Book Festival
51) Attend 5 concerts(5/5)
52) Finish my Wreck This Journal
53)Blog once everyday for a month
54) Dip dye something
55)Have a picnic in the park
56)Visit Arran
57)Take a road trip with friends
58) Visit the Kelpies
59)Donate all my unwanted books to charity 
60)Go to Go Ape
61)Buy a matching set of sexy underwear
62)Make a list of 100 books I would like to read
63)Go to the cinema on my own
64)Make my own shirt
65)Buy someone a gift just because
66)Try out contacts
67) Visit the Childhood Museum  in Edinburgh
68) Crochet a blanket as long as my bed.
69)Go to 10 Restaurants I've never been to before(10/10)
70)Make a blanket fort
71) Reach 500 GFC followers
72) Upload a video to YouTube
73) Host a give away on my blog
74) Have a dinner party
75) Get a small fish tank/bowl for my room
76) Find out my blood type
77) Keep a spending diary for a month
78)Complete a sudoku book
79) Do a box swap with an American blogger
80)Visit a new city
81) Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one week
82)Get up early to watch the sunrise
83) Make a new friend
84) Build a snowman
85) Move out
86) Bake some bread
87) Make 15 handmade gifts(8/15)
88)Have professional photos taken for my mum
89)Ask 20 friends to recommend a book and read them(15/20)
90) Visit the National Museum of Scotland
91) See a burlesque show
92) Buy something from Etsy
93) Work out everyday for 20 minutes for a month.
94) Kiss during a firework show
95) Go berry picking
96) Buy myself a tripod and a wireless remote for my camera
97) Join a club
98) Take pictures in a photo booth
99) Visit the Science centre
100) Learn a poem by heart
101) Get a pen pal from the USA or Germany

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