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Hello! My name is Hayley Russell and I'm the blogger behind Honestly Russell. I've been writing this blog since 2012 and hope to share with you some excellent lifestyle, travel, book and foodie content. I want to share my passions on this book and inspire you to book those flights, try that restaurant and read that book.

In June 2017, I moved to Stamford, CT from Edinburgh, Scotland and have since been acclimatising to life stateside. Since then, I've travelled to 13 states and love writing about my travels. I'm a scientist by day but in my free time I prefer to pursue more creative past times, which is what lead to the initial starting of my blog (originally called Water Painted Dreams) in the first place. Over the past few years I've written over 1'000 blog posts, met many amazing friends and collaborated with interesting brands.

I've also written for some other publications.
To see my writing for Kirsop Labs click here.
To see my writing for The National Student click here

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